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Squirrel Prevention Services

When you hear scratching in the attic, your first thought may be that mice or rats have decided to take up residence in your comfy home. However, you may be dealing with a different rodent all together: squirrels. They may look cute and fluffy, but these gnawing menaces can cause serious damage to your home if not dealt with quickly and in a professional manner. At Montgomery Pest Control, our expert technicians are happy to help you deal with a squirrel infestation by using trusted squirrel removal methods. From advice on squirrel prevention to active squirrel deterrent techniques, we will help make your home or office a squirrel-free zone.

How Squirrels Get In

Squirrels are clever and persistent when it comes to searching for food. They generally nest in wooded areas, but will make their way into buildings if their natural habitat is limited. To get inside the home, squirrels will come down the chimney or chew through unscreened vents, gaps in siding, or holes made by other animals in the never-ending search for food or a safe place to make a nest. Attics and garages are their favorite hiding spots, since they are dry, warm, and secluded.

The Damage They Cause

Not only are squirrels super noisy, but they chew on everything! It’s bad enough that they can destroy photo albums and Grandma’s treasured quilts in the attic, but once they start chewing on wires or pipes, you could be faced with expensive maintenance and repairs due to fire or flooding. Squirrels also carry diseases and can transport parasites and insects inside your home, compromising the health of every one living or working in the building.

Most Likely Season for a Squirrel Infestation

Squirrels are usually most active during the early morning and late afternoon hours, especially during early spring and late summer when they are looking for a safe place to make a nest for their babies, or kittens.

Signs to Watch Out For

  • Scratching, thumping, or scurrying noises coming from the attics, walls, or chimney
  • Visible damage to the home like chewed holes or urine stains
  • Strong, unpleasant odor

Squirrel Prevention

  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed during the spring and late summer
  • Install chimney caps
  • Replace torn or broken screens
  • Seal holes inside walls or gaps in siding
  • Place bungee cords over outside trash cans to limit access to food

Protecting Your Home From Squirrels

Do not attempt to remove living squirrels from your home, especially during mating season. The best way to deal with a squirrel infestation is to contact Montgomery Pest Control because our specialists know the safest squirrel removal techniques to protect you, your home, and the squirrel. We will start off with a full inspection of your home or office to check for possible points of entry.

If any weaknesses are found, we will perform a squirrel exclusion, which seals shut all areas of the building except one access point. By setting a one-way door at this site, we can eliminate your squirrel problem and discourage them from simply chewing another hole somewhere else in the building.

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