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Montgomery Pest Control: Residential Pest Control Experts

While fleas may be among the tiniest pests Montgomery Pest Control eradicates from homes, it doesn’t mean they’re among the least invasive or least threatening. Fleas are parasites plain and simple, feeding on the blood of humans or animals they encounter. While they don’t have wings to fly from host to host, they’re capable jumpers able to leap across long distances to locate their next food source. Most flea infestations occur when your pet goes outside to do their business, and then they bring these blood-sucking parasites back into your home with them. But not to worry. Montgomery Pest Control specializes in providing effective flea pest control for Anne Arundel County, MD residents.

Why Flea Pest Control Is Essential for Maryland Homeowners

Fleas are a formidable foe to crush because their bodies are covered in protective armor. They’re also tricky to spot because they can hide in your curtains, upholstery, bedding, furniture, and even your carpets and floor cracks. On animals, they prefer the underbelly region, which is why you’re likely to discover them on your flooring or in the bedding where your pet usually sleeps. While fleas may not cause structural damages to your home the way termites do, they do cause significant health issues for humans and their household pets because of their parasitic tendencies.

What Symptoms Are Usually Associated with Fleabites?

Fleabites tend to cause hives, rashes, and swelling because your body produces a histamine in response to their saliva. Over-the-counter ointments and creams are available to treat mild symptoms. In some cases, you may have a severe allergic reaction leading to a condition called anaphylaxis. If you should experience shortness of breath or extreme swelling or itching, you should call 911 or visit your closest emergency room for treatment. Animals suffering from fleabites tend to develop scabs or lose their fur due to excessive scratching or biting in the infected area. Fleabites also make animals more susceptible to tapeworms. Treatment for your pet typically includes a medicated anti-flea collar, a bath using anti-flea shampoo or powder, and oral or topical medications as needed. Any way you slice it, fleas are not a pleasant houseguest to have around your Anne Arundel County, MD home. Rely on Montgomery Pest Control to help remove unwanted fleas from your residential property.

Warning Signs You Could Have a Flea Infestation on Your Hands

Due to their tiny size, fleas are adept at hiding. You likely won’t know you have a flea infestation on your hands until the telltale bite marks are present on you or your pets. However, here are some warning signs you should be on the lookout for before calling Montgomery Pest Control:

  • Multiple reddish-brown insects in your pet’s fur
  • Your pets scratching, licking, or biting themselves repeatedly
  • Multiple insects milling about your curtains or carpets
  • Red, itchy bite marks on your lower legs and feet (may have red halos around them or look like angry clusters of mosquito bites)

Understanding the Enemy: Flea Life Cycle and Characteristics

There are over 325 species of fleas in the United States, all preying upon the blood of warm-blooded mammals. However, the cat flea is the most common type plaguing cats and dogs and their owners. The average amount of time it takes for a flea to go from an egg to an adult is about 21-28 days. Fleas can live anywhere from a couple of months to a year, depending on their food source. The average flea feeds upon its host as many as 10-15 times per day (females often need more frequent blood meals for egg development). While they prefer to remain with one host, they will jump around when in proximity to other suitable hosts. Summer is the peak of flea season and when you should be primarily on the lookout for them when allowing your pets to roam outdoors.

Tips for Preventing a Flea Outbreak in Your Maryland Home

There are some things you can do as a pet owner to make your home less than hospitable for fleas. Here are a few tips for preventing a flea outbreak in your Maryland home:

  • Deep Clean – Keeping your home and floors clean can go a long way in flea prevention. Pay special attention to areas of your home where your pets spend most of their time. We recommend thoroughly vacuuming your carpets and furniture frequently and disposing of the vacuum bag outside your home immediately after. Severe flea infestations may even require steam cleaning in addition to vacuuming.
  • Keep Up with Yard Work – Since fleas tend to thrive in yards full of tall weeds and grasses, keeping up with your yard work and mowing your lawn regularly also helps keep fleas at bay.
  • Anti-Flea Medications – If you have an indoor-outdoor pet, it could be beneficial to treat them with an anti-flea medication during the summer months, which is peak flea season.
  • Anti-Flea Powders – There are many over-the-counter anti-flea sprays and powders available that may provide temporary relief when you apply them directly to your flooring or furniture. However, for the most comprehensive flea pest control, it’s best to call in the professional experts at Montgomery Pest Control. We’ll help you remove all traces of fleas from your home, including their eggs and larvae.

Call Montgomery Pest Control for Flea Pest Control Today

Protect your Maryland home from unwanted fleas and other pests when you call Montgomery Pest Control. Be sure to take a look at our specials for residential pest control services, including flea pest control, in Montgomery County, MD. We have over 25 years of pest control field experience and aren’t satisfied until you are with our effective results!