Our Pest Removal Services in Rockville

Serving Homes and Businesses In Montgomery County and Beyond

At Montgomery Pest Control, we offer a wide range of pest and rodent control and elimination services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Rockville and the surrounding counties. Our local pest control company understands that each property is different and comes with unique needs and challenges. Because of this, our pest removal team provides effective solutions that are customized to your specific situation and designed to locate the source of pest problems and immediately begin removing them.

Our pest control services include:

  • Carpenter ant extermination: We are able to find the source of your carpenter ant infestation and exterminate nesting sites to make sure that the problem is entirely taken care of.
  • Roach control:  Are cockroaches popping up seemingly out of nowhere? Let us swiftly take on the problem and stop the infestation with our effective cockroach treatment before the situation gets worse.
  • Residential pest control: Protect your home investment by keeping unwanted pests away with our comprehensive residential pest removal and exclusion services throughout Rockville and surrounding communities.
  • Termites: Our goal is to stop termites at the source and prevent future structural damage to your property. We quickly identify the issue during a termite inspection to resolve the problem fast with our effective termite treatment.
  • Mice and rats: With our mice and rat pest control services, you can stop the spread of germs and disease that these rodents carry. We will identify the source and treat the issue in an effective manner.
  • Rodent control and exclusions: By creating effective barriers at common access points, you can prevent unwanted animals from entering your property in the first place.
  • Commercial pest and rodent control services: Keep your building pest and rodent free. Our commercial pest control services can protect your employees, customers, and guests with our pest removal and rodent exclusion services.

Contact our friendly and reliable pest control team today and let us eliminate your pest and rodent problem in your Rockville home or business.

If you require pest removal services, contact our Rockville pest control company by calling us at (301) 637-8037 or (410) 793-1874 today!