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Keeping Unwanted Animals Off Your Property

One of the best ways to ensure that rodents and other unwanted critters don’t wreak havoc on your property is to prevent them from entering in the first place. At Montgomery Pest Control, we offer pest removal services, as well as effective pest and rodent exclusions to keep mice, rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other critters from entering your home in the future. By focusing on the most common points of entry that critters use, we are able to create barriers that can keep issues from ever arising!

Common Rodent and Pest Entry Points

In order to keep pests out, you need to know where they’re getting inside. There are a number of common pest and rodent access points around the home that you can tackle with exclusion strategies, including:

  • Utility Lines
  • Gable Vents
  • Roof Line
  • Chimneys
  • Exhaust vents
  • Siding holes

Any cracks, gaps or holes in these areas will open your home up to squirrels, rats, mice and other rodents and bugs. If you’re experiencing any pest problems or want to ensure you don’t have to, simply give us a call. We are well-prepared to diagnose any current problems, quickly take care of them, and create exclusions that keep the same animals from coming back.

Bird and Squirrel Exclusions

Birds singing and squirrels nibbling on acorns can be extremely cute and relaxing, until they move in closer and start invading your home. That’s when they turn into pests. At Montgomery Pest Control, we have a number of squirrel and bird exclusion strategies that will prevent these otherwise adorable creatures from becoming living nightmares.

Problems With Birds Nesting in Roofs and Gutters

Birds that are migrating north in the spring are looking for a place to build a home and sometimes they choose not to opt for trees, but our homes to build their nests in. Many times they will use the eaves of your roof, your home’s attic, chimney or guttering system to provide them with safe recluse from high winds and predators.

Birds Can Carry Diseases

While this may not bother some bird lovers at first, you need to be aware of the damages they will unintentionally inflict on your home and property. It’s common for birds to tear into the soffit, collect and leave nesting materials that become a fire hazard, and leave bird droppings on decks, siding, porches, vehicles and whatever else is in their nesting vicinity.

Bird droppings from pigeons, geese, starling and house sparrows contribute to a number of diseases, including Histoplasmosis (a potentially fatal respiratory disease), Candidiasis (yeast or fungus infection), Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis, E.coli and more. And birds themselves can carry fleas, lice, mites, and ticks.

Property Damage Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels often seek out a cozy nesting place in the attics of homes. As already mentioned, they will come into your home through any holes in the roof, including the chimney or through unscreened attic fans and vents. Common squirrels in Maryland, include grey squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, and fox squirrels (which are often mistaken for small groundhogs). Once these squirrels have taken up in your home, you should act fast to prevent expensive damages to your home and property.

Squirrels turn from cute forest creatures into annoying pests quite quickly when they get into your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, begin chewing on wood and electrical wires, and bringing nesting materials into your home. They leave behind their feces and urine, and if they die they’ll leave a terrible odor, files and potential for illness.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels and Birds

Preventing squirrels and birds from damaging your home (and staying where they’re still cute and enjoyable) starts with sealing off common pest entry points. Montgomery Pest Control is fully equipped and experienced in safely removing existing squirrels and birds and ensuring that they won’t be back to wreck havoc on your property again. Our team will conduct an inspection and then, where necessary, we will:

  • Effectively screen-in attic fans and vents
  • Seal roof pockets to preventing nesting
  • Place bird guards on vents
  • Install chimney caps to prevent birds, squirrels and even raccoons from getting inside
  • Seal roof line with a drip edge (covering with a thin metal) to keep squirrels out

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