Expert Rodent Control in Rockville, MD

As humans, our standards of living have continually improved over time. Unfortunately, try as we may, rodents and other vermin still seem to find their way into our homes and businesses from time to time. These creatures can be a nuisance and a potentially dangerous health hazard. Without rodent control experts, the problem can intensify with no end in sight. Fortunately, Montgomery Pest Control is here to help our Rockville, Maryland, community by providing the best pest control for your home or business. Don’t let unwanted creatures wreak havoc on your property. The experts at Montgomery Pest Control have the experience to diagnose a mouse infestation and/or rat problem, and work with you to control the situation. Get rid of your pest problem today and call us at 301-740-2407 or 410-975-9447. We look forward to serving you.

Mouse and Rat Control

While both mice and rats might seem harmless, they can easily spread germs and disease to your property and are a health hazard to be dealt with immediately. Hiring a professional exterminator for your mouse or rat problem is the only way to fully fix the issue. We have the rodent control experience and skills necessary for removing these creatures properly and safely. Mice and rats that have found their way onto your property are no match for Montgomery Pest Control, because we offer superior mouse control and rat removal. Our customers rely on our expert pest control service to make sure the rodents are gone for good. We offer a 100 percent guarantee on all our rodent control services, giving you the peace of mind that your mouse and rat infestation has been completely eradicated.

Rodent Exclusions to Protect Your Home or Business from Infestations

Rodents are not animals you want invading your home or business. Rats and mice spread diseases, which pose a serious risk to human health. These diseases can be transferred to humans through the consumption of food or water, or the breathing in of dust contaminated by rodent droppings and urine. Mice and rats also pose an indirect health risk through ticks, mites, and fleas. Furthermore, they can cause property damage by chewing wires, books, clothing, and ruin other valuable items such furniture, appliances, and insulation.

So, what is the best way to prevent rodents from entering your home or overrunning your business? To not even give them an opportunity to get inside in the first place! Rodent exclusions are the best way to protect your home, restaurant, or business from mice, rats, and other rodents.

At Montgomery Pest Control, we have over 25 years experience in rodent removal and exclusion services, and have successfully protected Rockville homes and businesses from rodent infestations throughout Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Prince Georges Counties.

We seal and protect common and lesser known rodent entry points, including exhaust vents, siding holes, decks, utility entry points, foundations, roofing, and more. We inspect your entire house or establishment to identify any possible rat or mice access points and seal them up for good.

We do everything from mortar gaps in your home’s foundation to sealing off windows and doors, to patching up siding holes, screening in crawl spaces and vents, and rodentproofing drains and pipes. One of the most popular and effective rat exclusions we offer is the Rat Wall.

Install a Rat Wall to Protect Your Home in Rockville

The Rat Wall: Foundational Protection from Rodents

Rats and mice often enter homes and buildings through the foundation. If there are any gaps, cracks or flaws where the wall framing or siding meets the foundation, rodents can easily access these entries, which is why these openings should be sealed off with concrete, plaster, or metal sheeting. However, rodents can also gain entry into a building or home by burrowing beneath the foundation. To prevent this from happening, we offer an effective rat exclusion strategy, called the Rat Wall. Basically, the Rat Wall is a trench dug several feet down in the ground. A screen is placed in the trench and is held in place with cement to stop rats from digging underground to get inside.

The Rat Wall works well in places such as sheds, patios, porches, decks, foundations, and gardens. While the Rat Wall is effective in keeping rats out of a building, it can also protect against other rodents like mice, groundhogs, and skunks.

If you’re sick and tired of recurrent mouse and rat infestations or you simply never want to deal with one again, get in touch with our rodent exclusion experts. We offer free estimates and will not only prevent rodents from entering your home or business, but we will also ensure there are no more rodents hiding or scurrying around once all the exclusions are soundly in place.

Professional Exterminators

Here at Montgomery Pest Control, we’ve seen it all and can help diagnose any rodent infestation you may have. Normally, we look for a number of factors when determining how and why a mouse or rat problem has started and the best way to fix it. Some factors include:

  • Food scraps and debris near nesting areas.
  • Food containers, dog food, or cat food marked with teeth marks or ruptures.
  • Fecal matter and urine.
  • Scurrying sounds and scratching noises in walls or ceilings.

If any of these sound familiar, you might have a rodent infestation. Call us today to schedule an appointment and one of our experienced exterminators will come to your home or business to assess the situation, and determine the best course of action for rodent removal. After completing the rodent removal, we move on to planning the steps to prevent future rodent infestations.

Expert Rodent Service

At Montgomery Pest Control, we want our Rockville community to be 100 percent satisfied with our pest removal services because getting your home rodent-free means you will gain peace of mind. A safe and healthy home or business is paramount to living and working in a comfortable space, and a rodent problem can seriously interrupt that. Trust the experts at Montgomery Pest Control to properly diagnose and eradicate any rat or mouse problem that may arise, and we will stay proactive with our pest prevention services. Best of all, we offer free estimates for any of our rodent control services along with competitive rates and quality service. Call (301)637-8037 to request a free inspection and estimate and take back your home today!

For a free rodent removal and exclusion service estimates, contact our office at (301)740-2407 or (410)975-9447 to speak with our friendly team.